Farmer Benefits
  Benefits for Visiting Farmers
  1. Accessibility to a supplier base throughout the year
  2. Presence of a wide variety of suppliers
  3. Price, Performance and Quality can be compared before final choice of purchase
  4. Presence of multiple suppliers under one roof
  5. Ease of accessibility of Kisan Agro Mart in Jalgaon by both road and rail
  6. Enhanced range of shopping and entertainment facilities at Khandesh Central
  7. A potential outing for the entire family to enjoy.
  8. Easier and quicker Financing through banks present on-site at Kisan Ago Mart
  9. Farmer and Consumer Awareness/Education with Training Sessions by companies & field experts
  10. Stock-and-Sell facility allows immediate transactions.
  11. Logistics and transportation facilities
  12. Facility for after-sales support and services for query and complaint redressal
  13. Availability of accomodation at Khandesh Central
  14. Presence of government agencies and extension counters for agriculture-related documentation.
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